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Quick Link: Single-Player

Games are made with intent. Like books, films and television, the finest examples among them are those that both exist to say something, but allow the player to create his own interpretation. And while of course there are any number of poor or stupid single-player games, there is no multiplayer that evenly closely matches the finest RPG or adventure.

John Walker

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s John Walker demonstrates why he’s easily one of my favourite games journalists with this post about the merits of single-player and why solo gamers are simply a better class of people that those who solely/primarily play multiplayer.

As has been mentioned in the post’s comments I would include local co-op play on the good side as it’s largely the same thing. It’s competitive multiplayer that has less point and actively undermines solo play by seeming like the more popular choice, resulting in games that either leave out solo campaigns entirely or make them token bot modes.

Preach on, Mr. Walker.