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Quick Link: Autumn Days

A couple of days ago my post about atheism went live on the blog, in which I mentioned singing hymns at school:

I remember being stunned at the realisation that people really believed it all, despite going to a school where we sang hymns every day that praised Jesus and which had close ties to the local church (and has even named itself for a saint since I left).

While catching up on my RSS feeds (which I don’t have time to get through on work days) I read this post from Campfire Burning, listing pieces of music of significance to him. It included one of the hymns I used to sing, Autumn Days, the one that’s stuck in my head more than any other:

I thought that little coincidence was worth a quick link.

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Quick Link: Single-Player

Games are made with intent. Like books, films and television, the finest examples among them are those that both exist to say something, but allow the player to create his own interpretation. And while of course there are any number of poor or stupid single-player games, there is no multiplayer that evenly closely matches the finest RPG or adventure.

John Walker

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s John Walker demonstrates why he’s easily one of my favourite games journalists with this post about the merits of single-player and why solo gamers are simply a better class of people that those who solely/primarily play multiplayer.

As has been mentioned in the post’s comments I would include local co-op play on the good side as it’s largely the same thing. It’s competitive multiplayer that has less point and actively undermines solo play by seeming like the more popular choice, resulting in games that either leave out solo campaigns entirely or make them token bot modes.

Preach on, Mr. Walker.

Quick Link: Johnny Gat

I have nothing to say that wouldn’t be repeating myself, so just watch:

Quick Link: Books Are Great

This really is an excellent image:

I’ve really been enjoying reading lately and love that I’m properly back in the habit and when I saw this image I thought it sums up why books are so great. In fact I originally saw it on this blog a while ago and forgot to do anything with it, which is silly considering this post took about thirty seconds.

Quick Link: Saints Row 3

July 27, 2011 1 comment

I read yet another rumour recently about Grand Theft Auto 5 being officially revealed soon, but then I watched this video and wondered why anybody would care:

With the direction Rockstar have been heading these days GTA5 will likely be another serious, linearly structured story that apes cinema without ever being able to reach the same quality of story, playing a lackey working for the real criminals, with rigidly designed missions full of scripted events and poor checkpoints, the world lovingly constructed but lacking most of the fun activities that defined the series in years gone by. Or you can play Saints Row 3, with full character customisation, co-op, a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously and puts you in the role of the boss, the game itself full of ridiculous weapons, vehicles and activities.

I know I’ll only be playing one of those games and it’s not going to be Rockstar’s effort.

Quick Link – The Mountain

This is a lovely clip of timelapse footage taken from atop Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide, with footage of the Milky Way in the night sky and even a sandstorm that happened to strike during some of the filming. Beautiful. There are more details on the Vimeo page.

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Quick Link: Another Chance

Annoyingly the video isn’t watchable embedded, because apparently the last thing a record label wants is for their music to be easily listened to and which would encourage purchases.

Upon hearing this song again last year I vaguely recalled liking the video, with a woman walking through the city with what I remembered as angel wings. That wasn’t quite right as there are no wings, so I was either mixing it up with a different video or just misremembering. This is definitely the video I was thinking of though.

Somehow when I rewatched it I managed to miss the ending and thought of it as having an unambiguously happy conclusion, the woman finding somebody who could love her despite her ‘problem’. It was only when I watched it a couple of weeks ago that I saw the full ending and discovered that ultimately he’s scared off by the size of her heart, though the sadness of the story is tempered a little by her renewed optimism (her heart doesn’t shrink again because she knows that there can be another encounter like that, that there will be “another chance”).

I really do like the video.