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Reading: The Books of 2012

As with the film list I’ll keep this post updated with each book I read in 2012, including links to the opinion posts and their ratings. I think it will work better than 2010′s efforts (assembling a list at the end of the year without any real opinions) or 2011′s (monthly recaps).


Reading: 2010’s Read Books

February 13, 2011 4 comments

This is the sixth of a series of posts looking back at my entertainment consumption over 2010. I’ve already posted about 2010′s gaming backlog, the games I played, what games I played each month, what games I finished, what films I watched and how my film viewing looked across the year, and still to come are posts about the DVD backlog and the TV I watched. There won’t be a game of the year post because that’s an ongoing project with a long way to go.

The Great A'Tuin

The Great A'Tuin, the world turtle. Click the image for a link to the source.

I think I’ve mentioned before that for some reason reading is often the thing I jettison when time gets away from me. Not because I’m ever particularly busy, just because some other frivolous pursuit will place demands on my time. It’s probably because I read in bed before going to sleep, so losing that doesn’t feel like something of much consequence (“I’ll just stay up a little longer.”). In 2010 I didn’t read anything until March, and after getting through a few books that petered out again in May. It wasn’t until I was in fulltime employment (when my free time was greatly reduced) that I managed to find a place for reading again.

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