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Reading: June 2011’s Books

July 29, 2011 1 comment

Almost a month late, we have the June round-up posts. Games and television were up first, now it’s time for the books:

Terry is the only returning author this month and is proving something of a regular, appearing in four of the last six months.

Image sources: Terry, Cormac, Markus and Brian

There are four authors this month but I read nearly twice that amount of books. As ever, that’s because of one specific author. Including this month’s haul I’ve read ten of his books so far this year and eighteen in the past twelve months. Let’s get to it then: Read more…


Reading: May 2011’s Books

July 9, 2011 1 comment

Far later than intended, we have the May round-up posts, where I write a little about all the media I consumed throughout the month (June’s will hopefully go up next week, but haven’t been worked on at all yet). This month started with television, then came film, and now it’s time for the books.

Olaf is the only author returning from April, but Terry is back from February and Neil is making his first appearance since January. The other four are all new.

Sources: Olaf, Richard, Kurt, Neil, Yahtzee, Stanislaw and Terry.

I’m going to attempt to keep these relatively brief this month, with no more than a paragraph per book and to try and avoid wasting time making synopses and things, just a quick opinion. So without further ado:

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Reading: April 2011’s Books

It’s time for each of April’s round-up posts, a quick overview and assessment of all the entertainment I consumed during the month. Having finally been on time enough last month to make goals this is the first proper opportunity to see whether I was able to meet them. This month kicked off with film and next is April’s reading.

Follett and Doctorow are gone this month, but Clarke and Baxter are joined by four new authors.

Image sources: Stephen, Arthur, Ben, David, Raymond and Olaf.

The four different authors in March was the widest selection so far, so the six portraits above should hopefully indicate that there was an even greater variety this month. ‘Variety’ might be the wrong word considering four are all from the same genre, but I’ll doubt that bias will ever change significantly. On to the breakdown then:

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Reading: March 2011’s Books

April 10, 2011 2 comments

On time for once (and coming straight on the heels of February’s), here we have the March round-up posts. This month we kick off with the books I read:


Pratchett's out this month and Follett is joined by three newcomers, making it the largest selection of authors so far this year.

Image sources: Ken, Cory, Stephen and Arthur.

In the title images like the one above I give everything/everyone a picture of equal size, even when the books are a collaborative effort (as is the case with one of this month’s books and Good Omens back in January) that maybe should mean each author gets a half-size space. If the image sizes reflected the amount of time each author’s works occupied in the month then January’s would have been a huge image of Terry Pratchett and a sliver of Neil Gaiman at the end because I mostly just read Pratchett’s books, while February and March have also both been dominated by one author.

In those cases though it’s not because I’ve been reading lots of books by one person but because of the sheer size of the individual books. When I’m only reading about an hour a day an epic like The Pillars of the Earth or World Without End takes up most of the month, and while that comes at the expense of other books it’s very satisfying to feel immersed in one place for so long (which is what can be so great about jumping in late to an epic series like Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, as I mentioned last week).

On to this month’s reading:

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Reading: February 2011’s Books

April 4, 2011 1 comment

I’m still catching up with these, but unless procrastination gets the better of me March’s posts will arrive promptly in April once I’m off work (so probably the 6th onwards). This month the first monthly review post covered gaming (which was last  in January), the second was television, the third was film and we’re finishing up with the month’s reading.

Two authors again this month, with Terry still present (though no longer the dominant author) and Neil Gaiman usurped.

Image sources: Terry Pratchett and Ken Follett

There was one day in February where I didn’t do any reading, but also some slower work days where I found more time to read than I otherwise would, so overall I think the time I spent reading was probably up compared to January. Despite that there aren’t a lot of books this month, but for good reason. Read on:

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Reading: January 2011’s Books

March 9, 2011 3 comments

There are only two different authors for this month, but more than two books.

(Image sources: Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman)

As with the previous two posts I’ll use this space to explain when it is I read. On my four days off I read the way I always have throughout my life, in bed before I go to sleep. Currently I’ll read for about an hour from about 7am to 8am (I keep to work hours even on my days off as switching back and forth every four days is awkward).

On work days I don’t get home until about 8am and only have about three hours of free time each day so a dedicated reading session isn’t workable. However, on the way home I often take the train (I live just about within walking distance but I don’t always feel like walking for an hour after already working for the previous twelve) and have to wait for about twenty minutes at the station. Having a book with me also means I can read at break times if I’m there at an irregular time and aren’t with anybody else (which happens often). Sometimes there are work days when I read more than I do on off days.

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