Gaming Projects

Full Opinions

Every time I make a full opinion post about a game you’ll find it listed here.

Games Diaries

Sometimes I don’t save up my thoughts until finishing a game, throwing out an opinion on my current point. In some cases calling them games diaries might be overstating things, but ‘thoughts on games as I’m playing them’ seemed a bit unwieldy. Some have lots of entries, some less, some are on hold and some may never expand beyond a single post, but they’re all listed here anyway.

Games of the Year

Every time I play a game I add it to a list for its respective year, deciding whether I’d place it above or below the top entry and moving on down until I find the right place for it.

Second Coming

Second Coming is a look at sequels, breaking down the weak points in the previous games and going through the sequel point by point to see how the developer has (or hasn’t) improved upon it.

Project Pile of Shame

I sometimes dip into my growing backlog of unplayed games and give one a couple of hours of my time, throwing out an opinion and deciding whether or not to continue with it.

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