Game Diaries

Sometimes I don’t save up my thoughts until finishing a game, throwing out an opinion on my current point. In some cases calling them games diaries might be overstating things, but ‘thoughts on games as I’m playing them’ seemed a bit unwieldy. Some have lots of entries, some less, some are on hold and some may never expand beyond a single post, but they’re all listed here anyway.

  1. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
    1. Oh, that’s right.
    2. Kiss the Horse
    3. Press square to win
    4. Thrum… thrum… snikt!
    5. Blame it on the Animus
    6. Pavlovian punching
    7. The brave (?) people of Rome
  2. Dead Rising 2
    1. Dead Rising 2 Tweet Dump (A post of my first batch of Twitter updates about the game, with elaborations)
  3. Dragon Age: Origins:
    1. 1) Bloodbeard
  4. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
    1. 1) Monkey Does
    2. 2) The Uncharted Odyssey
    3. 3) Uncontrollable
    4. 4) Turrets Syndrome
    5. 5) That’ll Do, Pig
    6. 6) Free
  5. Final Fantasy 13
    1. Final Fantasy 13 start badly
    2. 1,300 words on 13 hours with Final Fantasy 13
  6. Mass Effect
    1. 1) Playing Mass Effect
    2. 2) Completed Mass Effect
  7. Tekken 6
    1. 1) I played some Tekken 6
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