Games of the Year

Each year I attempt to figure out which game was my absolute favourite. When completing a game and adding it to the list I simply start at the top and decide whether I think it’s better or worse, moving down and repeating the process until I reach the spot that feels right. It’s a deliberate attempt not to over-think it, just asking, “Is x better than y?” and moving on if it isn’t.

As these are just personal lists it won’t ever include anything close to all games released that year because for obvious reasons I only buy games that interest me, so none of them are likely to be ‘bad’ games or games that place badly because I don’t like the genre.  Each entry will include at least some sort of comment about why I like them or why they don’t place that high.

I don’t think there’s any need to go in reverse order but if you prefer to read them that way then you could always scroll to the bottom and work up:


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