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Film – Quick Thoughts: Zombieland

February 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Zombieland, directed by Ruben Fleischer
Written by: Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin
My rating: 3 of 5

Zombieland is a fun film and that’s clearly all it’s trying to be, just a bunch of people bonding over zombie killing. The random Bill Murray appearance is easily the best bit, but then that’s true of pretty much any film he’s in. The main character, Columbus (everybody uses the names of their home towns to avoid getting too attached to one another), is pretty nerdy, but he survives where most other people haven’t because he has a series of rules he follows without exception, based on his experiences, common sense and zombie movies.

In fact it’s his nerdiness that gets him through the early days of the zombie apocalypse, he almost doesn’t even notice it’s happened because he doesn’t really have friends and is mostly alone, playing World of Warcraft all day instead of going outside. So if the zombie apocalypse does ever come to pass I should be okay, at least for the first few days, but once the internet goes down then that really would be the end of the world. After that I’d probably be going around doing things like this:

The most horrifying thing about the end of the world.


Film – Quick Thoughts: District 9

January 3, 2012 1 comment

District 9
District 9, directed by Neill Blomkamp
Written by: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
Starring: Sharlto Copley
My rating: 5 of 5

The first film I’ve watched in 2012. It’s as excellent as I remember. Wikus is a complicated character, as he’s not nice in the beginning and almost everything he does through the film is selfishly motivated, but it’s impossible not to feel sorry for him. He’s a low-level nobody promoted through family connections. Success is his to lose and he really, really loses it.

“Fookin’ prawns!”

-Wikus Van De Merwe

Gaming: The Daily Creed 06: Pavlovian punching

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

The Daily Creed is a series of (mostly) bitesize posts about my ongoing playthrough of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, sequel to what is still currently my fourth favourite game of 2009. The first post is here.

Forget the Templars or the Borgias, these guys are part of the true villainous faction of the series.

As I walk the streets in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood I find myself instinctively attacking any musician who walks into my path. Not killing them, because Ezio didn’t do that (and the game ‘kills’ you if you kill three civilians in a short amount of time), but grabbing them and beating them to the floor with a few punches, knees or headbutts. I didn’t even think about doing it, it was an automatic reaction to them and I didn’t quite know why.

Then I watched the following video:

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Gaming: The Daily Creed 01 – “Oh, that’s right.”

October 14, 2011 4 comments

The Daily Creed is a series of (mostly) bitesize posts about my ongoing playthrough of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, sequel to what is still currently my fourth favourite game of 2009.

"You remember me, right?"

“I am Desmond Miles. This is my story.”

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood opens with a recap of the story by Desmond Miles, including the quoted line above. It almost feels like a reminder of Demond’s existence in general. “Remember this guy? It’s actually his story, not Altair’s or Ezio’s, despite them getting all the marketing and majority of play time (and the only good bits of the game).”

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Gaming: I played some Tekken 6

There's only one real King of Iron Fist, and his name's Paul Phoenix.

I don’t really like fighting games. Everything I like most about gaming – things like solo play, a strong narrative or sense of a fully-realised world – are either irrelevant to fighting games or just not that important. The focus is on competition, on mastering routines and skill, on a series of battles unconnected to any real narrative. Here we are again though, with me playing my sixth Tekken game, having started with Tekken 2, and being annoyed by the same things again.

Because I don’t exactly throw myself headfirst into a fighting game I’ll probably never be in a situation where I can give a proper opinion of Tekken 6, so here are some initial impressions/rants:

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Gaming: June 2011’s Games

July 27, 2011 3 comments

It’s well past time for the June round-ups, and this month we start by looking at the games I played in June.

Four of this month's images come from Valve games.

Image sources: Nick, some creepers, a turret, Wheatley and a Mii. The combine is from a personal screenshot.

Another low-key month for gaming then. Let’s get to it:

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TV: May 2011’s Television

Far later than intended, we have the May round-up posts, where I write a little about all the media I consumed throughout the month (June’s will hopefully go up next week, but haven’t been worked on at all yet). This month we start with the television I watched.

There are far fewer portraits this month but it's not because I watched much less television. Read on for the explanation.

Image sources: The Host, Holtz, Brennan, Jonathan, The Doctor, Daenerys, House and Dale

Outside of this intro text and the above image everything was pretty much all written and ready to post by the 31st of May, so there was really no excuse for it not to go live on time. I’m doing things slightly different this month, commenting only on the shows that I feel I have something I want to talk about (and only doing images for those ones), so let’s get to it:

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