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Gaming: February 2011’s Games

March 25, 2011 3 comments

I’m still catching up with these, but unless procrastination gets the better of me March’s posts will arrive promptly in April once I’m off work (so probably the 6th onwards). This month the first monthly review post will cover gaming (which was last in January), followed by television, film and ending with the month’s reading.

Double the faces this month.

Image sources: Predator, Grayson, agent, Donkey Kong, Harry, sackbot, Crazy Dave, Recette, vampire Sim and Woody

I’ve still not made any major alterations to my gaming time, still getting in just a couple of hours on non-work days, which meant I played games on sixteen days in February (the four days on, four days off schedule meant I only worked twelve days). I’ve had some thoughts on ways to rearrange my free time but that won’t kick in until March at least, so I won’t cover it here. Without further ado, here’s what I played:

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Gaming: January 2011’s Games

March 16, 2011 3 comments


When I needed a small character image for Dead Rising 2 there was really only one choice.

Image sources: Predator, weird pred-alien thing, Slappy, Harry and Sackbot.

I think I’m still trying to find a decent for rhythm for when I play games. I’d still say I don’t have time on work days and am happy with how I make use of those few hours of free time, but I think the days I’m off work still need some adjustment. As it stands gaming is how I finish off the day, which means if one or more of the things that precede it take up more time than they should then I play less, and a lot of the time I won’t start playing anything until two or three hours before bed. That still means completing an average eight-ten hour game in a few nights but is far removed from the time I used to spend gaming (and which I’d like to again).

It’s something I’m still thinking on, so here’s what I managed to play in January:

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Gaming: Game of the Year 2010

August 15, 2010 6 comments

As with the 2009 version this post will be an attempt to put every retail game released in 2010 into an order of preference. I don’t intend to overthink it too much, just assessing every new entry with how I feel it compares to the other games on the list until I find the right spot for it.

The list is rather small at the moment (starting with just four games) because I haven’t played many 2010 releases, but I’ll update it every time I play a new 2010 game no matter how late I play it (I’m still updating the 2009 one as I play more games). I wanted to get my thoughts written down though and figured there’s no harm in starting the list small.

I’ll start with number one at the top so start from the bottom if you prefer to read in reverse order:

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Gaming: Game of the Year 2009

January 15, 2010 15 comments

This post is an attempt to find my personal game of the year from the retail games that released in 2009, a collection that I’m still working through. There’s a little more detail about my process on what will be the hub page.

I don’t think there’s any need to go in reverse order but if you prefer to read them that way then you could always scroll to the bottom and work up. So without further ado, my game of the year for 2009 is currently:

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Gaming: Demo Round-Up

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Some thoughts on demos I’ve played recently – Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno and Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.  Apart from Bayonetta all demos were only played on the PS3, simply because I have lots of space on my 80GB PS3 drive but almost none on the 20GB 360 drive:

Wikipedia fact: "Combat in Bayonetta, a single-player action game, resembles that in Hideki Kamiya's prior Devil May Cry. The player is encouraged to explore ways to dispatch enemies with as much flair as possible through the use of both melee and long ranged attacks, complex combo strings, and multiple weapons."


Available for: 360 (download here), PlayStation 3 (both versions played)

Thoughts: As was clear from very early on in the game’s developments, Platinum Games weren’t ever aiming for subtlety with Bayonetta, they just set out to make a big, over-the-top game in the Devil May Cry style, and that really comes across in the demo. It’s all quite bonkers, Bayonetta blows kisses and sheds her clothes, fights a big monster with the head of a baby, and so on, with healthy doses of Japanese pop music.  It was fairly fun but not really my kind of game (I’m not keen on the Devil May Cry genre in general), and despite learning all the combos I quickly fell back on button mashing once the actual combat started.

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