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Gaming: Infamous 2 Demo

This whirlwind is one of the game's new powers. I'd still like an electric shotgun equivalent.

I realise Infamous 2 released a couple of months ago and the demo itself must have been out before that, but while waiting for the Space Marine demo to download I was rooting around my PS3 and discovered this demo sitting there, unplayed. The first game was fun enough (currently just sitting at the bottom of my top ten games of 2009), let down by the combat feeling off (to the point that I often avoided it where possible), a bland city to explore and pointless morality choices, all issues easily fixable in a sequel. So have Sucker Punch done that?

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Gaming: March 2011’s Games

April 15, 2011 2 comments

On time for once (and coming straight on the heels of February’s), here we have the March round-up posts. This month we kicked off with the books I read and now it’s time for the games I played:

Squashing twelve separate images into a 425x90 image is kind of difficult. Its also incredibly time-consuming, comprable to the amount of time it takes to write the entire post. In fact I spend a fairly ridiculous amount of time assembling the images for each blog post.

Images sources: Conan, Donkey Kong, Benny, Trip, Kane, a wizard, Liu Kang, Tommy, Nathan, Randy and Father Mother.

I think I’ve got am okay system in place now for gaming, but I’ll cover that in the goals section at the bottom of this post. Let’s get straight to the gaming then:

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Gaming: Enslaved – The Uncharted Odyssey

April 8, 2011 5 comments

Click here for the previous post about Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

That's right, I'm not going to muck around making new images every time.

I’m not necessarily going to make an entry for everything I play because sometimes there just won’t be anything to say (which became a problem with my older blog, where I ultimately just started resorting to recounting each mission I did in things like Valkyria Chronicles or Saints Row 2). I’ve played a bit more of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West though and wanted to mention something that a lot of people brought up last year after playing the full game or even just the demo.

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Gaming: January 2011’s Games

March 16, 2011 3 comments


When I needed a small character image for Dead Rising 2 there was really only one choice.

Image sources: Predator, weird pred-alien thing, Slappy, Harry and Sackbot.

I think I’m still trying to find a decent for rhythm for when I play games. I’d still say I don’t have time on work days and am happy with how I make use of those few hours of free time, but I think the days I’m off work still need some adjustment. As it stands gaming is how I finish off the day, which means if one or more of the things that precede it take up more time than they should then I play less, and a lot of the time I won’t start playing anything until two or three hours before bed. That still means completing an average eight-ten hour game in a few nights but is far removed from the time I used to spend gaming (and which I’d like to again).

It’s something I’m still thinking on, so here’s what I managed to play in January:

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Gaming: Game of the Year 2010

August 15, 2010 6 comments

As with the 2009 version this post will be an attempt to put every retail game released in 2010 into an order of preference. I don’t intend to overthink it too much, just assessing every new entry with how I feel it compares to the other games on the list until I find the right spot for it.

The list is rather small at the moment (starting with just four games) because I haven’t played many 2010 releases, but I’ll update it every time I play a new 2010 game no matter how late I play it (I’m still updating the 2009 one as I play more games). I wanted to get my thoughts written down though and figured there’s no harm in starting the list small.

I’ll start with number one at the top so start from the bottom if you prefer to read in reverse order:

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Gaming: Heavy Rain mostly succeeds

July 17, 2010 2 comments

Heavy Rain

FBI agent Norman Jayden has a strange augmented reality scanning device that locates clues for him. It's the only major sci-fi element in an otherwise contemporary setting, but has the benefit of making crime scene investigation more visually interesting and less tedious.

Heavy Rain is built around a few things that games shouldn’t necessarily be doing. At every point it tries to ape movies in its camera angles, story and the method of storytelling, when a lot of gaming’s strengths are that it’s a very different medium to the passive nature of movies. Its interface is always at the fore, with a series of almost randomly chosen button prompts to interact with things that keeps you aware of the controller at all times, never letting it melt away into the background. At points it’s basically one big quicktime event, a gameplay device employed to make the player feel they’re doing something when really the developer just wants to make a big cinematic action scene, fobbing the player off with minimal input. Thankfully, for the most part Heavy Rain actually uses all this to good effect.

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Gaming: Heavy Rain Notes 02 (SPOILERS)

July 17, 2010 1 comment

Heavy Rain

Wikipedia quote: "Cage has also stated that “I would like people to play it once…because that’s life. Life you can only play once...I would like people to have this experience that way.”"

As with the previous post, for my second playthrough of Heavy Rain I took notes of the different outcomes to see how differently you can play the game. While I didn’t finish this second playthrough there’s still enough here to see what level of variation the game supports. A lot of this will only make sense if you’ve read or are comparing it to the previous set of notes:

Be aware that spoilers will follow for the entire game, so only read on if you’ve finished the game.

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