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Gaming: Dead Rising 2 Tweet Dump


Normally while I’m playing a game I post some comments about it on Twitter, but to save having to dig back through my tweet* history I also dump them into a post draft on the blog in case there are any comments that I’ll expand upon in my ultimate opinion post. Once the post has been written and published those tweets are deleted from the draft and lost in Twitter, so this time I’m going to post them:

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This Week 10: December 6th, 2009

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s that time again.  Check out this weeks collection of journalism blunders, John Woo, The Sims 3, Rogue Warrior, Earth and other planets and pointless ghost hunter TV shows:


A TV station used their Twitter feed to make a live billboard that always displayed the most recent message beside a picture of their news team.  That’s all well and good until your Twitter message seems to be accusing them of something unsavoury.


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Web: Twitter

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Twitter Logo

Wikipedia fact: "Twitter is ranked as one of the 50 most popular websites worldwide by Alexa's web traffic analysis. Although estimates of the number of daily users vary... a February 2009 blog entry ranked Twitter as the third most used social network based on their count of 6 million unique monthly visitors and 55 million monthly visits."

(logo from Twitter Background Images)

I had no interest in making a Twitter account, not because I’m one of those people who doesn’t understand its purpose, but because I didn’t really have any need for it.  If I want to share my thoughts on something that nobody will read I already have a perfectly serviceable blog, which doesn’t restrict me to 140 character chunks and has more options for inserting content.

What I did have an interest in was reading certain other people on Twitter (in Twitter terms I had interest in being a follower, even if I had no reason to be followed myself).  What I had been doing was using my Google Reader feed (which I use all the time) to get the data, but the presentation there isn’t great for this:

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This Week 01: October 4th, 2009

October 5, 2009 2 comments

This is essentially a weekly link-dump of personal highlights/lowlights from around the web.  This week we have, among other things, Carl Sagan, World of Warcraft, Twitter, Google, manslaughter, Windows 7 and pigs.  Read on!

This week I loved:

(via Pharyngula)

There are some great Carl Sagan quotes in there, but I’m particularly fond of the ‘chorus’:

A still more glorious dawn awaits,

Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise,

A morning filled with four hundred billion suns,

The rising of the Milky Way.

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