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Gaming: June 2011’s Games

July 27, 2011 3 comments

It’s well past time for the June round-ups, and this month we start by looking at the games I played in June.

Four of this month's images come from Valve games.

Image sources: Nick, some creepers, a turret, Wheatley and a Mii. The combine is from a personal screenshot.

Another low-key month for gaming then. Let’s get to it:

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Gaming: February 2011’s Games

March 25, 2011 3 comments

I’m still catching up with these, but unless procrastination gets the better of me March’s posts will arrive promptly in April once I’m off work (so probably the 6th onwards). This month the first monthly review post will cover gaming (which was last in January), followed by television, film and ending with the month’s reading.

Double the faces this month.

Image sources: Predator, Grayson, agent, Donkey Kong, Harry, sackbot, Crazy Dave, Recette, vampire Sim and Woody

I’ve still not made any major alterations to my gaming time, still getting in just a couple of hours on non-work days, which meant I played games on sixteen days in February (the four days on, four days off schedule meant I only worked twelve days). I’ve had some thoughts on ways to rearrange my free time but that won’t kick in until March at least, so I won’t cover it here. Without further ado, here’s what I played:

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Gaming: Super Mario Galaxy 2’s asymmetrical co-op

August 20, 2010 1 comment

Galaxy Co-op

Wikipedia quote: "The game also allows a second player to control an Orange Luma (Co-Star Luma) to assist Mario."

(Click the image for a link to source. It’s actually a co-op review of the game, meaning that in searching for an image I basically found a review that rendered this entire post redundant)

The co-operative mode in Super Mario Galaxy was an interesting idea. Rather than go for full local or online co-op that saw player two controlling a second character (like Luigi) or following the classic Mario games and have each player take turns attempting levels, the game put player two in the role of a helper. You didn’t control a character, just the cursor from the pointer of a second Wii remote, your interaction limited to collecting star bits (which player one could also do) and stunning a few of the basic enemies, but a lot of the time you just didn’t feel useful. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has improved the mode dramatically.

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Gaming: Super Mario Galaxy 2 is brilliant

August 16, 2010 1 comment

Wikipedia quote: "Mario is able to ride the dinosaur Yoshi, who can use his tongue to swing across gaps, as well as eat fruits that give him various powers, such as speed boosts, the ability to inflate like a balloon, or the power to reveal secret paths."

There’s a certainly level of familiarity when playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. That’s not just from Nintendo’s appeals to nostalgia or even how used most gamers are now to controlling Mario in the 3D games, but because it’s the closest direct sequel to a Mario game ever since he successfully navigated the tricky switch from 2D to 3D. Going from Super Mario Galaxy to Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a much more incremental leap than from Super Mario 64 to Super Mario Sunshine or from Super Mario Sunshine to Super Mario Galaxy. That’s inevitable when a sequel comes around so quickly on the same hardware and in the same setting (which is the standard approach for most other developers), making it important for this sequel to justify its existence by expanding on the original game’s ideas and taking its place as a great game in its own right.

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Gaming: The E3 Rumour Round-Up

E3 2010

Cracked quote (click image for source): "This year's event, however, will more likely be remembered as the precise moment video gaming as we know it died a tragic and embarrassing death."

In the run-up to E3, the biggest gaming event of the year, the actual news starts to die down as everything is being saved for big reveals. However, news sites still need to put out a steady stream of content so there tends to be a lot more focus on rumours, seizing any little hint that a game might exist in some form that wasn’t previously known about. As E3 approached I made a note of each of them and decided to see which ones came true and which were apparently a load of nonsense. Every rumour is collected below with a linked source, separated by whether they were true or not (at least as far as I can tell):

A side note: The source I’ve included isn’t necessarily the originator of the rumour, simply the place I first saw it. One site popping up a lot isn’t an indicator of anything other than it’s a site I get news from.

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Gaming: Project Pile of Shame

June 5, 2010 1 comment
A Pile of Shame

These aren't my games. Click the image for a link to the source.

Update: The project has a dedicated page here that will include links to each post as I make them.

Most people seem to end up with a gaming Pile of Shame, a collection of games bought or gifted that for various reasons never get played, and rearranging the computer room today made it clear how many games I have that I’ve never touched, even just from this console generation.  In part that’s because it’s not just my collection, there are games there bought for or by relatives that I had no interest in playing (and in some respects makes it a Pile of Crap more than a Pile of Shame). Others have just been overlooked though and I’m curious to see if there’s anything that really appeals to me that I want to see through to the end.

It turns out others have been thinking along the same lines as journalist Daniel Lipscombe put up a blog post just hours ago suggesting a similar idea. His idea does differ slightly – it mostly seems to be games he wants to play whereas my collection has some I’m absolutely not interested in, and includes games he’s not completed yet whereas I’m only considering games I’ve never played before – but is similar enough to make me look like a shameless copycat. Regardless, here’s the list of console games I own but have never touched:

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Gaming: Epic Mickey Looks Interesting

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment
GameInformer fact: "Mickey's iconic mouse ears are always visible on screen, no matter what direction he faces - a guidelines for the character straight from Disney."

GameInformer fact: "Mickey's iconic mouse ears are always visible on screen, no matter what direction he faces - a guideline for the character straight from Disney."

Having been rumoured for a while now, GameInformer has the official reveal and preview of Epic Mickey, the new Wii exclusive from gaming legend Warren Spector, and his first game as part of Disney Interactive.  It’s apparently an attempt to “re-launch” the character of Mickey Mouse, making him more like the original character before he became wholly pure, friendly and rather bland.  Spector himself seems to be something of a Disney fanboy – at least, the early Disney – which, when combined with his gaming talents, make him the perfect person to handle such a task.

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