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Adventure Time: Super Jumping Finn

The skin is very Adventure Time, but otherwise this could be from dozens of different Flash games all over the web.

The skin is very Adventure Time, but otherwise this could be from dozens of different Flash games all over the web.

Image source: Developer Heavy Boat’s website.

Available as Amazon’s Free App of the Day over the weekend, Super Jumping Finn is basically a Flash game – in fact you can play a less-featured version on the Cartoon Network website – and one you’ve played before.

It’s one of those games where you try to hit something/someone as far as you can and attempt to beat your own records, most of the challenge coming from getting the timing right as you select the angle and power (though in Super Jumping Finn you only control the power, not the angle). Other than it using the Adventure Time art style and characters there’s little about it specific to the series, it’s mostly just a re-skin of a very familiar game type.

In this game there’s an actual goal beyond just getting as far as you can, tasking you with reaching the distant ice fortress to rescue the princess within. There’s a mass of upgrades to buy and a massive distance to cover that seems impossible at first, and it’s only once you’ve a bunch of upgrades and the sky is full of helpers that you start being able to cover great distances almost without trying.

Both the upgrade and achievement systems are a bit weird in their design, as most of the upgrades are for the helpers, which you have no control over as they’re spread (possibly randomly) throughout the sky, so there’s no guarantee you’ll hit a specific helper or be able to determine which of them will be best to upgrade first. I found it was best to buy the first level of each helper first (so that the sky is as full as it can be) and then focus on upgrading Jake instead, seeing as you can trigger those abilities yourself and are guaranteed to use them in every game.

The achievements can only be earned one per game and that goal is chosen for you randomly, so you could do all that you need to do in order to achieve multiple achievements in one session but it won’t count, as you can only achieve the one it has chosen for you that time. I managed to reach the final destination and win the game before getting any of the achievements for reaching any of the prior zones, for example. It seems like a fairly arbitrary way to stretch out the game’s length.

Super Jumping Finn is fun for what it is, but it doesn’t ever really reach beyond being a full-featured Flash game, and I wouldn’t have actually paid money for it.

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